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This is me!

Matt Cochrane, Klip 64 CEO

Hi! My name is Matt Cochrane, and I’m the founder and CEO of Klip 64!

I grew up in the town of Arlington Heights which is just a short drive away from
the lovely city of Chicago. After High School, I went to the University of Iowa where, after transferring to the University of Illinois and failing out of nursing shcool, I graduated with a degree in Television and Film Studies.

From there, I went back to living with my folks for a while, and then made the move to New York City where I currently work and reside today.

I know this website isn’t the flashiest at the moment, and hopefully it will grow to be one, but at the moment it’s just me so thank you for taking the time to visit and I appreciate your time and business.


Matthew Cochrane

Klip 64 CEO

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