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Moving Forward with the Invention

Hey fellow Gamers!

Man it’s been a hot minute since I’ve last posted. Nothing much hasn’t happened since we last spoke, I worked sundance again this year so a lot of my time was spent there helping to build up and tear down the festival. So I apologize that I have been so long in keeping up with my reminders about where the invention stands.

Anywho, since we’ve last spoke, I have had the chance to show the invention to many potential clients and friends and they all agree that this is something special. So I’m starting today by getting a quote and really want to try to get this out there by the end of 2020. I know that’s a goal, and I don’t wanna make any promises, but with the way mobile markets are starting to arise, I believe too that emulation will soon start to take a more firm stance within the gaming industry. Suppliers are missing on the convience of cell phones, and a major factor in why we love their products…nostalgia.

It’s what drives us to do anything really, relive those classic moments in our lives that we can share onto others. And I believe that is what my Klip does, it allows us to pass on our favorite games to our chidlren, nephews, nieces, or hell even our pets (lol).

Anyway, I know nobody will probably read this, but I am really excited to get this thing out there. I have been sitting on this for years, and now it feels like it could actually become something well…


Thanks again


Matthew Cochrane


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I like video games, praising the sun, and inventing dumb little things

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